Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello i-Top

Hello i-Top
Funkiest new creation for a Scrapbook Addict like me.. How cool is this!!!!

Its the new i-Top Brad Maker from Imaginisce..
You can personalize your brads to match your "Perfect" scrapbook layout... :)

Here's what they're saying about this fabulous new i-Top tool:

You're about to grip your new favorite tool! The i-top transforms an ordinary brad or button into a custom accent in an easy 2 step process. Just place your paper and blank brads and give a little squeeze. It's that easy! You just can't top it! The i-top tool comes equipped to make 16mm and 22mm brads, but purchase the large carriage for the ability to make 28mm brads.

i-Top Paper Punch:
Use these babies to punch out a perfect topper for your next amazing brad.

Topper Templates:

3 sizes: 16mm, 22mm, 28mm

Large Die Carriage:
When your idea is really big you need big brads to match, switch out the carriage on your i-top to this big baby.
Perfect for accommodating a photo topper.

Brad Daddies:
You're a grown-up. It's time to start dressing your brads however you want!

For more info on this AWESOME product go to:

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