Monday, July 12, 2010

Photography Tips for a Monday

1. Get down to their level

2. Use a plain background

3. Use flash outdoors

4. Move in close

5. Take some vertical picture

6. Lock the focus

7. Move it from the middle

8. Know your flash’s range

9. Watch the light

10. Be a picture director

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a True Fairy Tale......

"Love: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection..."

I just received the photos of Botha & Lizanne's wedding... WOW, absolutely stunning!! I really can't wait to scrap them...

I was totally stunned about this breathtaking pics, until I saw this one.........

My Gorgeous Hubby, whoohoo..

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~Albert Einstein

Hello i-Top

Hello i-Top
Funkiest new creation for a Scrapbook Addict like me.. How cool is this!!!!

Its the new i-Top Brad Maker from Imaginisce..
You can personalize your brads to match your "Perfect" scrapbook layout... :)

Here's what they're saying about this fabulous new i-Top tool:

You're about to grip your new favorite tool! The i-top transforms an ordinary brad or button into a custom accent in an easy 2 step process. Just place your paper and blank brads and give a little squeeze. It's that easy! You just can't top it! The i-top tool comes equipped to make 16mm and 22mm brads, but purchase the large carriage for the ability to make 28mm brads.

i-Top Paper Punch:
Use these babies to punch out a perfect topper for your next amazing brad.

Topper Templates:

3 sizes: 16mm, 22mm, 28mm

Large Die Carriage:
When your idea is really big you need big brads to match, switch out the carriage on your i-top to this big baby.
Perfect for accommodating a photo topper.

Brad Daddies:
You're a grown-up. It's time to start dressing your brads however you want!

For more info on this AWESOME product go to: